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Lulu Ngie

Through traditional techniques of Chinese ink painting and a thoroughly contemporary approach, Lulu Ngie explores expressions of emotion and thought. Her ethereal figures evoke deep inner worlds and suggest a space of contemplation for your own life.

Ngie is fascinated by spontaneity. Her 2012 work Escaped Dot began with a droplet of ink landing on a sheet of paper by chance. In the artist’s words, the ‘unintended meets an intention’, and this dot escaping from the brush became an integral part of the composition. The element of spontaneity in Ngie’s work—both light and profound—inspired us to develop a line of products in collaboration with her, offering an effortless style that suggests the possibility of moving easily through your world.

Following on Ngie’s commitment to sustainability, these garments and paper products use only organic or environmentally friendly materials.

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