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Sigg Prize 2019

The Sigg Prize is a biennial award that recognises outstanding practices of artists born or working in the Greater China region. It is a platform to highlight and promote on an international scale the important work and discussions taking place here. For this inaugural edition, an international jury has selected six shortlisted artists to participate in the Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition.

In conversation with the shortlisted artists, the M+ Shop developed a series of products that offer an alternative perspective on the work presented in the exhibition.

Artist -- Hu Xiaoyuan

Hu Xiaoyuan uses found and organic materials to consider the passage of time and the nature of reality. Inspired by her work, the M+ Shop created a series of products that point to the relationship between nature and materiality.

Artist -- Liang Shuo

In a practice that brings together a range of materials and found objects, Liang Shuo articulates an experimental reading of traditional Chinese culture and uses his signature zha (‘scum’) aesthetic to examine contemporary social issues. The M+ Shop collaborated with Liang to create a series of products.

Artist -- Lin Yilin

In recent years, Lin Yilin has expanded the scope of his practice to encompass virtual reality technology while continuing to explore social dynamics through the body and performance. A series of products developed by the M+ Shop encourages interpretation of Lin’s work from a different perspective.

Artist -- Shen Xin

Shen Xin’s Provocation of the Nightingale comprises four videos that address topics of gender, religion, science, and relationships. Inspired by his research-based practice, the M+ Shop created a series of products meant to encourage thinking about individual perception and experience.

Artist -- Tao Hui

Tao Hui’s video work draws from cinema and popular culture, and his installation Hello, Finale! invokes the visual language of television melodramas while raising questions related to death, finality, and the end of time. The M+ Shop responds to Tao’s practice with a series of specially designed products.

Artist -- Samson Young

Taking inspiration from Samson Young’s series Muted Situations, the M+ Shop created products around the theme of sound, drawing attention to sounds that often go unnoticed in everyday life and to the nuances of the material world.

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